September 2014 is our first birthday at Sunday Assembly Brighton, so to celebrate we’re having an AGM!… Although it might sound a bit dull, it’s a really important step in building security for the future of Sunday Assembly Brighton. At the AGM we’ll be adopting our proposed constitution and electing an organising committee for the next year. Plus there’ll be a free buffet lunch 🙂

Click here to download the proposed constitution

Click here to download our annual report for the year 2013 – 2014

The meeting will take place directly after our September assembly on the 28th, starting at 1pm in the back room of the Iron Duke pub, opposite St. Andrew’s.

Get Involved

If you would like to get more involved in the organisation of Sunday Assembly Brighton, please let us know by email to by 21st September 2014. If you wish to stand for election onto the Sunday Assembly Brighton Organisational Committee at the AGM on 28th September, please prepare a brief summary of what you think you can offer to the team so that you can introduce yourself on the day. Experience or specific skills are not essential – just bags of enthusiasm and willingness to work as part of a team to ensure the continued success of Sunday Assembly Brighton. Please give consideration to the roles and responsibilities of a committee member for Sunday Assembly Brighton as outlined below.

Sunday Assembly Brighton formal Organisational Committee

The Organisational Committee for Sunday Assembly Brighton is currently made up of a maximum of 9 people appointed by election at the AGM who are responsible for:

  • Overall organisation of Sunday Assembly Brighton
  • Following governance matters as outlined by Sunday Assembly International
  • Attending Organisational Committee meetings 4 times a year (minimum)
  • Agreeing on expenditure of collected Sunday Assembly Brighton funds
  • Liaising with other committee members and volunteers with regard to Assembly/service provision, community engagement, and public communications.

Within the committee there will be elected positions of:

  • Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

Other members of the Organisational Committee will be responsible for overseeing:

  • Assembly/service provision
  • Communications
  • Community engagement

There will be opportunities for non-committee members/volunteers to be involved in service provision, public communication and community engagement on a casual basis but they will not sit on the overall Organisational Committee (unless subsequently elected).


The roles of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer are outlined as follows:


Tasks and activities to be overseen, co-ordinated or delegated by this role

  • Chairing (or delegating the role of Chair) at Sunday Assembly Brighton organisational committee meetings


Tasks and activities to be overseen, co-ordinated or delegated by this role

  • Taking minutes  at Sunday Assembly Brighton organisational committee meetings
  • Presenting an annual report of Sunday Assembly Brighton activity to include (but not to be limited to) the number of services delivered, attendance, and an account of community involvemet  activities
  • Keeping a record of Sunday Assembly Brighton members


Tasks and activities to be overseen, co-ordinated or delegated by this role

  • Setting up and managing the Sunday Assembly Brighton bank account
  • Managing all donations to Sunday Assembly Brighton
  • Managing all payments for venue hire, refreshments, equipment hire and purchase, speaker expenses and charitable donations
  • Keeping a regular financial record of all incoming and outgoing money
  • Providing the Organisational Committee a regular update on the finances of Sunday Assembly Brighton
  • Presenting an annual (minimum) financial report


The co-ordination of assembly/service provision, public communication and community engagement is shared among the Organisational Committee.  The roles are outlined as follows:

Assembly/service provision

Assembly/service provision involves all aspects of planning and delivering Sunday Assembly Brighton services.

Tasks and activities to be overseen, co-ordinated or delegated by this role:

  • Technical equipment (screen, projector, PA)
  • AV (laptop, slides)
  • Music (band, choir, background playlist, songs)
  • Refreshments (tea & coffee, cake rota)
  • Decoration, signage and children’s corner
  • Venue (CCT/St Andrew’s liaison, key collection)
  • Public engagement (meet & greet, welcoming of new congregants)
  • Speakers (reading, sermon & TMIK)
  • Collection

Public communication

Public communication involves all aspects of the promotion of Sunday Assembly Brighton services and other activities.

Tasks and activities to be overseen, co-ordinated or delegated by this roled:

  • Newsletter
  • Facebook
  • Website
  • Twitter
  • Mailing list
  • Press releases
  • Archive of press coverage/video/photos

Community engagement

Community engagement involves engaging the Sunday Assembly Brighton congregation in activities outside of the regular services, for the purpose of building the Sunday Assembly Brighton community, as well as supporting activities within the wider local community of Brighton & Hove and the surrounding area.

Tasks and activities to be overseen, co-ordinated or delegated by this role

  • Third Thursday (monthly social)
  • Interest groups (eg Sunday Circle – creative writing group; Stitch-up – bunting sewing group)
  • Evening events (eg Food for Thought, Dave Waller festival show)
  • Wellbeing groups (eg Mindfulness Smoup)
  • Involvement in community projects (eg Racehill Community Orchard, Homeless drop-in service)